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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Myth of the Hit & Run

Hello Hitters,

Lets talk about the classic hit and run play. You will see this play used more and more as teams jockey for position at the top of their divisions. As the playoffs begin, runs are at a premium, and the hit and run is designed to move runners into scoring position before the double play can kill a rally.

As many of us know, the purpose of the hit and run is to get runners moving and stay out of the double play. Many hitters believe they must hit the ball behind the runner when given the hit and run sign. Wrong!

You do not have to hit behind the runner. However, you MUST hit the ball on the ground, anywhere. Bat control is the skill you need to accomplish this task. You should be able to hit a hard ground ball anytime the coach gives you the hit and run sign. Much like the suicide squeeze must get the ball down and in-play!

Guys like Derek Jeter and Ichiro have tremendous bat control and are able to put any pitch in play.
But, like all baseball skills, it takes perfect practice day in and day out, to develop bat control. A good way to learn good bat control is to choke up on the bat and practice hitting down through the ball to all parts of the field. Always keep your head and eyes on the ball and just stay on top of the ball and hit it as hard as you can, always maintaining your balance throughout your swing.

You will develop bat control and you will learn how to handle the bat in all crucial situations. Hitting down through the ball will help you develop a nice controlled, aggressive swing, and help eliminate a long looping swing without bat speed, which in most cases will cause a pop up...a killer of the hit & run!

Remember, Perfect Practice, Makes Perfect.

Stay Focused

Mike "The Hitman" Easler (it's almost ready!)

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