Get in Game Shape

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Playoff Pressure

Hello Hitters,

Hope you’re well and hitting ropes!

This is my favorite time of year…PLAYOFFS!

I’ve been asked recently how to stay composed at the plate and how to hit while relaxed. Some of my students say that the get nervous in a big game or in a tight situation.

The player who is the best post season performer I’ve ever seen is Derek Jeter. I want you all to watch Derek in the playoffs. He didn’t have the best offensive year of his career this season, but so what. He is going to be focused during every at bat and 100% mentally ready to do his job.

He might stike out, or ground out or fly out, but he will take pitches (giving his teammates a chance to see all the pitchers stuff). He will also be focused on doing his job at the plate. Hitting the ball the other way, sacrifice bunt, sac fly. He knows that he will not get a hit every time up, but he can help his team every time he’s up!

So what does he do differently during the post season? Well, that’s a trick question. the answer is nothing! Derek Jeter does nothing differently during the post season! He remains focused during the game and mentally prepares the days before a game.

In the playoffs you will see many pitching changes in order to match up against hitters. In his pre game prep, Jeter and all great hitters will go over the different pitchers they may face and run through different situations they may be in during the game.

The key to performing well in the playoffs or in big games is to be prepared for every possible situation you might face. The best way to stay calm and relaxed is to be prepared! The mental side of hitting is the most important side. If you are mentally ready to play, you will perform in any situation.

Enjoy the playoffs and study Derek Jeter. He is always prepared for the big situation.

Stay Focused
Mike “The HitMan” Easler