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Monday, March 16, 2009

The C's

Hello everyone,

I have my essential C's, just like Mike.

My first Essential "C" is Commitment. You can not do anything very well or to the best of your ability without commitment. It doesn't matter if we are talking baseball, hitting, fitness or life. Commitment is a must.

I know Mike is committed to each and every player he has ever worked with. When you have a coach like the Hitman, it's easy to stay committed.

For those of you who do not have a personal hitting coach, or strength coach, here are some ways to stay committed to your craft:

1. Write down your short term goals. Review them often.
2. Circle a date on the calender when you want to achieve your first goal.
3. Do whatever it takes. Wake up early if you have to, or stay home on a weekend.
4. Tell your family and friends your goals. They can help keep you on track.
5. Watch and study others who have achieved what you want to. See what they do and copy it.
6. Do something to improve your baseball skills and strength everyday.
7. Eliminate negativity.

I'm a professional Strength Coach, so let's talk about fitness for a moment. I know many of you are busy and think you do not have time to work out or practice. If you had 30 minutes of free time, you would rather hit, or take some live BP and work on your skills. Take that time and work on your Strength, Fitness and Conditioning. Working on those aspects of your game will make it easier to work on your baseball skills. Look at what I have for #3 above. "Do whatever it takes" even if you have to wake up early or sacrifice going out with friends. Get your work out done and you will see your skills improve.

Don't look back, only forward. You can't change what you did last week or yesterday. You have control over right now and tomorrow.

Leave a comment with your goals or success stories. Mike and I love to see them!

Stay Motivated

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