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Friday, March 6, 2009

Strength & Conditioning

Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself. My Name is Brandon Smith and I'm a professional Strength and Conditioning coach.
I have 11 years of experience in the strength training field . I have worked for the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians Baseball Clubs, working with both Major and Minor League players. I have also worked to develop Pro, High school and college athletes from all different sports.
My first intern job was in 1998 working with Mike in Nashua New Hampshire for the Nashua Pride in the independent baseball league. I've been very impressed with Mike and his enthusiasm ever since!
I'm very excited to be working with The Hitman again and giving you all I can to help you become a better hitter.....a powerful hitter!
I'll be providing you with workouts, valuable information about nutrition and recovery and I'll also recommend other websites to visit that will help you develop into a great player!
The first place you should visit is called strength (link on left). is a terrific place to interact with strength coaches from all over the world! It's also a great place to read articles and watch video about training.
Join and ask me a question on the forum!!
Let's have some fun and get ready to hit!


1 comment:

  1. Mike Easler
    I heard you on XM this morning. Great interview. I wish you the best.