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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Break out of a Slump

When you play the game of baseball long enough, you will eventually hit what baseball players call a "minor slump".

When I played I called my called slumps a "dry" period. The word "slump" just sounds to negative. But, we will all go through them as hitters.

The only two hitters, I think, who never went through a minor slump are Ted Williams and Pete Rose. Just kidding!! I'm sure they had their 'dry" periods too.

I am going to give you some advice that I received from some of the "old school" players back in my day. My dry periods didn't last long once I applied the advice I was given. I was back to being the "HITMAN" real quick!!

Some of my old teammates said when you are struggling up at the plate, try to widen your stance and think about driving everything hard up the middle. Simple as that.

To many hitters over swing and try to do to much at the plate when they are struggling up at the plate. You must simplify hitting when you are struggling. Remember, keep it simple! just shorten up on the bat and try and drive everything straight up the middle.

This allows you to keep your head, shoulders and eyes on the pitch being thrown. You can practice this by setting a batting tee up at home plate and try and drive everything right over the 2nd base bag, and to straight away center field.

Second, you must stay "aggressive" at the plate when you are struggling. Don't become to "passive" at the plate. If you are too passive then the pitcher will beat you with "mediocre" fastballs. Try to stay up the middle and stay aggressive.

Also, try to slow the game down by "slowing your mind down". Don't try and do to much, just concentrate on hitting the ball on the nose.

As we say in the Big Leagues, just try and square the ball up on the barrel of the bat.

So, next time you hit a "dry" period, think about getting a little wider in the box, choke up some on the handle and think about driving the ball up the middle.

Work on this with a batting tee. Keep making swings until you hit every ball up the middle!

Please leave a comment if you have questions about breaking out of a slump!!

Stay Focused
Mike "The HitMan" Easler


  1. Thanks for the great advice and please keep it coming. I need to work on not over swinging and trying to hit the ball over the fence all the time.

  2. Just remember, power comes from your "legs",and the "core" part of your body. And finally, your "follow through". When you work on driving the ball up the middle, with a short and quick powerful swing, and you catch the ball out front when you make contact, then your power will flow like a river. "No" uppercutting please, just a nice "fluid" complete follow through, like Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez, and A-Rod.
    Just keep your legs,stomach, and back muscles strong. Plus work on wrist, hands and forearm strength. These parts of your boby are important for all hitters not just power hitters.
    Keep checking with our site and we will "discuss in detail" on how to "train" your whole body, the professional and correct way for maximum results for your baseball career. You will be "Conditioned to Hit".

    Mike Easler