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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What can Save you at the Plate

What can save you as a hitter when all of your fundamentals are out of whack?

You are not in a slump or a "dry period", but you're not feeling well up at the plate, or you are facing a real tough pitcher. Like when I faced Phil Kniekro!

Well I am going to give you a safety valve to go to when this happens at the dish.

Your safety valve is your "Head".

When things feel wrong at the plate, keep your head and eyes on the ball a little longer than normal. Over exaggerate your head and eyes on the ball as long as you can.

The Hit King, Pete Rose, followed the ball from the pitchers release point to the catchers glove almost every time when he was at the plate. Recent Hall of Fame 3rd baseman Wade Boggs did the same thing. They would track the ball all the way into the catchers mitt. This technique gave them the feeling of seeing the ball longer, therefore they could stay on the ball longer and make solid contact instead of getting out in front.

In my many, many years in baseball, observing hitters constantly, these two guys stayed on the ball longer than any other hitter I have ever seen.

Oh yeah, there is one other hitter I can think of that did the same, and that is future Hall of Fame 1st baseman Frank Thomas, (The Big Hurt). He really Kept his eyes on every pitch thrown to him.

Keeping your head and eyes on the ball as you approach the pitch, will cure a lot of mistakes you make at the plate.

No one is perfect, but everyone can keep their head down when they hit.

I will cover this theory at a later time in more detail as we continue our journey to become a consistent and dangerous hitter.

My goal on this site is to "Condition you to Hit", like you've never hit before. Remember, when all else fails, Keep Your Head Down and eyes on the ball!

Let me know how this tip helps you!! Leave a comment for me.

Stay Focused
Mike "The Hitman" Easler


  1. I always wondered why Boggs did that. I guess that's why those guys were the best. Thanks for the tip

  2. Keeping your head down will cover up for a lot of mistakes a hitter makes at the plate. No one is perfect as I said, but Every hitter can stay on the ball with thier head and eyes. Keeping your head on the ball will keep you in the strike zone longer, and your "bat path" will stay in the strike zone longer.
    Continue to "Condition" your mind to hit. Believe in your self and keep working hard.

    Mike Easler