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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Supplement

It seems in the modern era of baseball everyone wants to get an edge. Players are trying to get an advantage by using illegal drugs to get stronger and faster.

The way to stay on top of your game is through hard work and determination.

There are many legitimate supplements, that when taken correctly, give you the neccessary boost to keep you strong and alert, to stay on top of your game.

I will give you the name of a supplement that I take which was sanctioned by the "Major League Players Association". I have been taking this supplement for the last four months and it really keeps your body feeling fresh and strong, day in and day out. It is all Natual and Legal, with no drugs.

I want you to go to this website: and read up on this great natual product and see the many benefits you will recieve. The ID number you can use to order this product is: 51309. This ID number will allow you to order this product 24-7. You can then remain in the system and pass it on to your friends!

I just want you, as my readers, to become the best hitters you can become the proper way. By following my Hitting Fundamentals and Mental approach to the game, as well as using Brandon's Training Techniques, and taking Natual supplements offered on the market. You will be "Conditioned to Hit" and be better then you ever thought possible.

Stay with your game plan, continue to work hard and dedicate yourself to excellence. Put in your time at the batting cages prfecting your swing. Spend the proper time in the gym training your body with a professional strength coach and and check out the website for the natual supplement that will keep you strong and alert.

Remember "There is No Elevator to Success, You Must Take the Stairs".

Stay Focused
Mike "The Hitman" Easler

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