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Thursday, June 18, 2009

What to Eat?

Hi hitters,

I've been away for awhile, but you should know, I've been working on something pretty cool for you!

Updates: I've finished up the fine points and our new Ebook, "Conditioned to Hit" will be available soon! You are in for a special treat as well! I've gone out and found a great pitching coach who wrote a manual called "How to Get Hitters Out!". You will also have access to that book as well! As a hitter it doesn't get any better. You have a chance to get a Hitting book from Mike and a Pitching book as well! You will now know what a pitcher is thinking in every situation! Mike will tell you that this Pitching coach knows the game and has been a student of pitching for his whole life. Some powerful secrets will be revealed in this book!!

Now.....On with the show!

While I was away, I received an email from a fellow trainer. He was introducing his new nutrition website and his new diet program. He is giving me a chance to download a sample 7 day nutrition plan. I dare you to show me something more confusing than NUTRITION! Anyway, I'm going to pass this info onto you!

I'm a huge believer of recovery and eating for energy, and this program delivers! So with out further nonsense from me, visit this site and download your FREE 7 day sample menu!

What are you waiting for!! Download a free sample and give it a try!

Stay Focused and eat well!

Glad to be back and get ready for some exciting stuff from the HitMan!

Brandon Smith CSCS

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