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Monday, July 27, 2009

Small Ball

Hello Hitters,

This is the time of season where wining ball clubs will concentrate more on Small Ball. Division races are getting tight and the emphasis is on winning baseball games.

What is Small Ball?

i consisder Small Ball as doing the little things on the field to win close ballgames. Bunting, Hit and Run, hitting the ball to the right side of the field to move a runner over and running aggressively from first to third are all elements of Small Ball. Getting the runner in from 3rd base with no outs or 1 out is always a must, but during last half of the season it becomes a necessity! The squeeze bunt will be used more frequently as well, as winning ball clubs try to score runs anyway they can. Yes this is Small Ball time. As you watch Major League games, look for the announcers to comment on the clubs who do the little things to win ball games.

I will start breaking down the game in the coming weeks as it should be played describing the importance of playing small ball. In my 39 plus years in the game I have learned that the teams that execute the best, are the teams that's always seem to make it to Post Season play or finish towards the top of the division year after year.

Tony Larussa of the St. Louis Cardinals is one of the best Managers in the game today who stresses basic fundamental Small Ball, day in and day out. And people wonder why year after year his teams are always in the playoffs or going to the World Series.

Big ball is fun, but great hitters excel when the situation calls for some small ball.

Stay Focused
Mike "The HitMan" Easler

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