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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello hitters,

I hope you guys and girls are hitting up a storm this summer. Hitting is not easy(maybe the hardest thing to do in sports)

Many hitters struggle in the middle of their season. Big league hitters struggle too.

What should you do when you hit a mini slump?

Number 1-don't take it like it's a matter of life and death. It's just a game at the end of the day.
Number 2 -don't panic. A slump won't last forever.
Number 3- go back to the basic fundamentals of hitting.
Number 4- review my 5 essentials to hitting

Go back to the basic tee drills. Try and drive everything straight away to center field. Keep your head and eyes on the ball throughout your swing. Most of all, make sure you are balanced, dropping your hips down to keep you in a strong hitting position. When you swing your back knee should drop a little bit lower than your front knee. Very similar to a bunting approach.

After you feel good on the Tee, go to your basic soft toss drills, either front toss or side toss. Again, stay balanced, cut down on your swing and drive every single ball up the middle.

Stay positive and stay confident. Your swing will come back sooner than you think. Just keep telling yourself "I can hit", "I can hit". Most slumps are caused by over thinking and trying to do to much at the plate. Always get back to basics when you struggle.

Stay Focused
Mike "The HitMan" Easler

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