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Monday, August 2, 2010

Strength for Baseball

I hope you’re well and hitting line drives!

If you’ve downloaded my Ebook, “Conditioned to Ht” you know that physical CONDITIONING is a major part to your hitting success. A good hitter has a strong lower body, great balance, mobility through the hips and powerful arms, hand and wrists.

Every Major League organization has a professional Strength Coach on staff who works with the players every single day during the season and keeps an eye on them in the off-season. Many of you reading this post do not have the luxury of having your own strength coach….until now!

My good friend and professional strength coach, Brandon Smithis now available to help you. Brandon will consult with you (either in person or by phone) and design your own personalized baseball strength and conditioning program. Now you have the ability to train just like the pros! Brandon will monitor your program every month to give you the competitive edge. You will also receive a great education on proper nutrition and supplementation, to further help your physical development. If you want to get started on a 2 week trial, CLICK HERE and let Brandon help your game!

Stay Focused and get Conditioned!
Mike “The HitMan” Easler

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